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Tacoma Boat Building / ACE Tank (Third Periodic Review)

About every five years we review conditions at sites where some contamination remains to make sure the cleanup is still effective.

We invite you to review and comment on the draft third periodic review for the Tacoma Boat Building / ACE Tank cleanup site​ . We will review and consider comments received during the comment period.

Testing from 1991 – 1996 showed that soil and sediments along the banks of and in the Hylebos Waterway were contaminated with sandblasting grit from this cleanup site. The grit contained arsenic, copper and zinc at concentrations exceeding the EPA’s sediment quality objectives. Testing also showed that groundwater was contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons.

Ace Tank completed the cleanup from 1998 - 1999. They removed and disposed of equipment, solid materials and debris, and cleaned the site pavement and storm grains. Ace Tank excavated and disposed of about 4600 tons of sandblast grit and soil and sediments containing sandblast grit. Contaminated sediments from the shoreline down to the depth of the existing pier were removed. Deeper sediments were cleaned up later part of the EPA Superfund cleanup. Ace Tank also recorded an environmental (restrictive) covenant for the site in 1999. The covenant prohibits activities that could result in the release of contaminants that remain at the site.

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