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Lovrics Sea Craft Inc

We invite you to review and submit your comments on the Lovrics Sea Craft Inc (Site) draft cleanup documents.

  • Agreed Order: This is a formal agreement between Ecology and the potentially liable party (PLP), Guemes Channel Holdings, LLC (Guemes Channel Holdings), for cleanup actions needed at the Site. The agreement requires Guemes Channel Holdings complete a Remedial Investigation, Interim Actions (if required), Feasibility Study, ensure SEPA Compliance, and complete a draft Cleanup Action Plan. These phases of work will be made available for public comment.

  • Draft Public Participation Plan: The Public Participation Plan outlines how you and your neighbors can learn and provide input about cleanup at the Site. It also explains how we will notify the public of upcoming opportunities to get involved and how comments will be used for cleanup decisions.

Lovirics Sea Craft Inc is located on Fidalgo Island. The Site is approximately 8.7-acres and was originally developed in the late 1890s as a fish glue factory and eventually a fish cannery and processing facility. In 1965 the Site was purchased and run as a shipyard. It’s currently used as a boat repair and maintenance facility and includes two warehouse buildings, two marine railways that connect upland exterior repair areas to the marine waters, a shed, and multiple small storage or vacant structures.

Concentrations of potentially hazardous chemicals above state cleanup levels were detected in previous sampling of sediment conducted at the Site.

The following chemicals have been identified above cleanup levels:

Sediment: metals (copper and zinc), tributyltin, benzoic acid, phthalates, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.  

Soil: arsenic, mercury, carcinogenic PAHs, oil, and diesel ·       

Groundwater: metals (arsenic, chromium, and lead), and diesel

These are hazardous chemicals and some and could potentially cause cancer, and are a potential threat to human health and the environment. Cleaning them up lessens the risk of their spreading and contaminating other areas or being more difficult to clean up later.

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Please submit your comments by 11:59 p.m. on June 14, 2024.

A public meeting will be held to discuss cleanup at the Site if ten or more members of the public request it. Ecology will review and consider all comments received during the comment period. If no significant changes are made, the documents will become final. If significant changes are made, an additional public comment period will be held.

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