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Weyerhaeuser Sawmill Aberdeen Comment Period

Three documents are available for public review and comment for the Weyerhaeuser Sawmill in Aberdeen, Washington (site). 

Agreed Order DE 15953 The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) is entering into a legal agreement called an Agreed Order with Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority (GHHSA) to study contamination at the site.   The Order requires GHHSA to use past investigations and close any data gaps to develop the following reports:

  • A remedial investigation (RI), which describes the types and extent of contamination.
  • A feasibility study (FS), which considers and compares cleanup options.
  • A draft cleanup action plan (CAP), which identifies cleanup methods.

The Agreed Order allows GHHSA to clean up parts of the site before the final cleanup plan is complete.  We will hold a public comment period if any partial cleanups (called interim actions) are proposed.

Removal of an environmental covenant.  The environmental covenant, which restricts access to soil and groundwater was placed on the wrong parcel in the 1990s after cleanup was done on part of the site.  GHHSA proposes to remove the covenant and clean up the site so there will be unrestricted land use.  If needed, a new covenant will be placed as part of the CAP. 

Public Participation Plan.  The plan describes how Ecology will inform the community about site activities and opportunities to be involved in the cleanup process.

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Comments are due by March 5, 2019
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